My sincerest apologies to those of you who have been waiting forever for an R6 recompile of The CompositeMode plugin and any others that you may have found useful. As of today, CompositMode is available and here shortly I hope to have the others recompiled as well. Thanks for your patience.


Yes, it has taken quite awhile, but CompositeMode has been released. If you haven't looked at the description the map replicates the Photoshop transfer modes as a map. Now you can soft light you bump maps in Max, Yippy! Ok, well maybe that isn't so important, but you can do some fairly cool stuff with it, so take a look.


Preliminary docs for the CompositeMode map have been added


While not specifically about plugins, I've added a section called Experiments.


Here is a bit more information on the next round of maps today. I didn't get to it today but in the next few days I should get something up about CompositeMode. As a teaser I just say that it brings the PhotoShop blending modes to the Max material editor. Till then, have fun looking through the rest.


Late last night I finished up the last remaining components for the first six maps and posted them. These have been a long time in the making. In fact, some of the maps were started way back in 2001. A big thanks to everyone that's helped me along the way, especially, Rodney, Mark, Steve and the rest of the programmers at Stormfront that have put up with endless questions. In addition I received great support and beta testing from the members of the Brazil crew as well as Scott, Connie,Steve and Cuneyt at Splutterfish.

Moving forward there are several more maps in the works. I've posted the names of a few and I should have some more information about them soon. The good news is that all the hard won knowledge from the first several plugins will mage the next set much easier to make feature complete. I am not going to post a date on when they will be ready but it should be soon. Back to work! Oh, and please feel free to email me if you have any good words about the first set. I am really hoping that they turn out to be useful.


Wouldn't you know it, my intrepid beta crew has found a few more bugs that need to be addressed befor I can post the Max plugins. They really are not that nast so it looks like I will still be able to hand them over to the public here this week. I want to make the fixes, send out another build for them to test and everything should be good


How the time flies! A bit over half a year ago I was going to release the first batch of maps that I had been working on. Work and everything else had put that plan on hold for awhile. In July Siggraph rolled around and I really wanted to get everything released by that time. As you can see it still hasn't happened. Now that my current project at work is wrapping up I am once again going to try to get these out the door, but I refuse to set a date at this point.

This doesn't mean that I haven't been playing with shader code during this time. I don't want to spill the beans until I get the first set out the door but there are a new series of maps that I've also been developing that should truly be useful unlike this first set which for the most part was more of a series of experiments to become acquainted with how shaders work.

You may also notice whereas before I had listed several Max Materials that were in the works these have now been changed over to Brazil Shaders. More information will be coming shortly.

Fri 8/30/02

I'm still working of finishing up the first round of plugins for release. These past few weeks have been really busy at work so I haven't had too much time to put into working on the code. I was able to work on things a little over the holidays, which was nice, but there are still some pieces I am missing. Maybe next week will see some more progress. For anyone that is patiently waiting for me to finish things up, please try to hold on a little longer. In addition to the few plugins I've mentioned so far there are some others in the works as well that I haven't posted anything on yet. Some of it may actually be useful as well.

Fri 1/18/02

I've added a bit more today while trying to recover from my Turkey induced stupor. Still no plugins to grab, but some information and images for ColorNoise, MultiColor and CrossTile.

Thur 11/22/01

Right now I'm playing with the UI for the Confetti Map. But here in the next few days I hope to at least put some images up of some of the other Maps.

Wed 11/21/01


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