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This Map is also derived from an exaple from Steve May's excellent RmanNotes. Nothing very fancy here, In fact this is about as about as simple as it gets. The shader uses a series of pulses to generate each stripe. Then the stripes are layered atop one another and finally over a solid background color. Once I got the basics of it going, it was fairly straightforward to expand on the parameters and add in a bunch of goodies the original Renderman version didn't have. The parameters give control over the placement, width, rotation and blurriness of the stripes.



Pattern Type: There are two options for the type of patern produced.

Stripes: This pattern type creates two sets of stripes one layer atop the second.

Weave: This option gives the appearance of a woven pattern.

# Of Stripes: Controls the number or times the pattern is repeated.

Base Color/Stripe swatch: Display the Color Selector for the basecolor.

Map buttons: Assigns a map to the base/stripe color.

Check boxes: When on, enables the associated map. When off, disables the associated map (the color reverts to the color swatch).

Stripe Size: This percentage determines the width of the strip.

Stripe Rotation: Rotates the strip around its center in degrees.

Stripe Fuzz: This blurs the edge of the strips.

Stripe Position%: This shifts the stripes within the pattern.

Stripe Opacity%: Controls the amount of the map being blended into the other layers.

Usage Notes

Currently the map has no built in AA. While this is ugly and certainly not how id like it to be you can get around it. If you enable super sampling in the material rollout the aliasing will generally disappear. In addition, if you are fortunate enough to be running Brazil it isn't a problem.

Another gotcha is with the bump map. While this is supported it has some issues. You will most likely want to turn down the amount from the default.

I may go back and revisit these issues and anything else that is brought up as time allows. As I pointed out above creating this map was more for my own edification than in the hopes of creating something useful. If you find a bug please drop me a piece of mail.


Please do not redistribute these files. Changes/bug fixes may be made to the plugin and it makes it much easier to guarantee you have the latest version if it is grabbed it from this site. Thanks.

CrossTile1.0 for Max4.0/5.0


Version 1.0 released on 03/01/03

I still want to add in support for sub-mapping as well as noise-based distortion of the stripes. One of the really nice aspects of Max's material editor is how it allows for a sub map to control a given parameter. It's a bit of work to set up this functionality so that's what I need to do next.

Thur 11/22/01